How to have an Awesome Wedding Part 3

**Welcome to our ‘How to have an Awesome Wedding’ series. This series is about what we wish someone would have told us when we were planning our wedding. Its also because we like to photograph awesome weddings. Feel free to accept or disregard anything we say. Maybe we’ll give you some great ideas, maybe you’ll want to drop-kick our face. Either way, thank you for being here, for reading our thoughts and seeing our images, for caring enough to come back to this blog regularly. We’re thankful.

The wedding of Luke and Laura on the soap opera General Hospital in the early 1980s incorporated the unity candle and showed the world how beautiful and simple the custom was. This international broadcast marked a huge upswing in the request and use of unity candles in modern North American weddings.

This is the most concrete answer I could find when searching for the history and hugely popular use of the unity candle. A soap opera people!! Apparently there is no definite origin, it just came from a mixture of ceremonies from many different faiths and rituals. Which is cool. And literally thousands of wedding ceremonies in the last 50 years have added meaning to this ritual. But heres the thing: does it mean anything to YOU?

The easiest way to write a form letter is to copy and paste, make a few name changes and you’re good. But weddings aren’t form letters. Just changing the names (and sometimes the pastor can’t get that right) and calling it good is not a wedding ceremony. Which brings me to the Unity Candle. Use it, treasure it as part of your service. But make sure it means something to you. If it doesn’t, if it falls into the ‘form letter’ category, ditch it. Replace it, don’t replace it. If you love music, sing songs. If you love the ocean, mix sand. You could leave it out completely. Ben and I washed each others feet. That came with some funny challenges….like Ben trying to get his socks back on.

Either way, don’t spend 5 minutes of your wedding ceremony staring awkwardly at a burning candle that you don’t give a crap about.