How to have an Awesome Wedding Part 4

**Welcome to our ‘How to have an Awesome Wedding’ series. This series is about what we wish someone would have told us when we were planning our wedding. Its also because we like to photograph awesome weddings. Feel free to accept or disregard anything we say. Maybe we’ll give you some great ideas, maybe you’ll want to drop-kick our face. Either way, thank you for being here, for reading our thoughts and seeing our images, for caring enough to come back to this blog regularly. We’re thankful.

TIME. On a wedding day especially, time seems scarce. There’s always hours of hair and makeup and breakfast and golf and waiting. Always WAITING. But once the day “starts”, meaning once the bride has seen her groom, its a non-stop frenzy of pictures, family, details, and friends who keep trying to hug you even though the ceremony is ABOUT to start. “Go sit down,” you say. But they don’t. They ramble on for 5 minutes while you’re trying to line up and have some sort of emotional connection with your Father who has recently showed up at your side. Anyway, I digress. I spent from 7am-5pm without seeing Ben on our wedding day, and it was agony! Our photographer Janine still shot some amazing images, but then our guests had to wait an hour and a half to eat.

The point is, brides, would you rather spend 5 hours at a salon with your bridesmaids and 10 minutes alone with your soon-to be-husband or the other way around? And grooms, would you rather golf for 3 hours at 6am so by the time you do see your soon-to-be wife at 4pm you’re a cranky mess? I vote for the not cranky mess, personally.

And I’m telling you all of this for one very important reason, and its a secret that other photographers probably won’t tell you. Here is it…… ready…… the secret is it takes TIME to create fantastic, interesting, memorable, transcendent images of you on your wedding day! It takes TIME for you to connect. It takes TIME for you to take deep breathes and be present on the most important day of your life. It takes TIME away from your family and wedding party so you can focus on each other and let all that anxiety die down. It also takes TIME for us to compose images that aren’t a cheap copy of another photographer’s work. If your wedding photography is important to you, you must set aside time to let us create images you’ll cherish forever. These images will be used to remember you long after you’re gone, thats how important they are! I’ll be honest, we can make great images in a time span of 10min. But our best work from weddings has been when we’ve had hours, not minutes to work with.

With a bazillion photographers out there its easy to forget that some of us are artists and photography is a creative process. And our creative process takes TIME.