Month: March 2017

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The Tran family

Despite a few mishaps the morning of this shoot (litter Asher puking everywhere) I think we came up with some pretty great images. Your thoughts? Does this little guy look like he just threw up? I don’t think so either.Okay maybe here you can tell… We decided to walk down to their neighborhood park with the hopes that Asher was feeling better. And we all thought he was….My favorite ANTI-portrait I’ve taken in awhile…Uh okay so this was hilarious. Chris, you are a big fat dork, but also an amazing dad. I love this next series…So at this point Asher starts feeling a bit sick again….See? Hes so serious in this one…So we head back to their house and guess who gets his puke on? Yup, Asher! I think hes laughing here because sometimes it just feels better to get it out. So despite a little vomit, I’m pretty proud of these. To our friends the Trans, we love you a lot, we’re encouraged by your joy, and we feel blessed to be your friends. Here’s to a puke-free summer!


More of the Tran family

Remember Asher? Also known as “I like to puke 5min before a photo shoot”. Obviously its not HIS fault that he puked, but really, at what age can you start controlling that stuff? Just kidding.

I love silhouettes. Especially when the sky is so blue and the sun so brilliant. This is also a great ANTI-Portrait if I do say so myself. So we decided to do a mini-session, ones where Asher doesn’t smell like puke. (Wondering how many times I’m going to say puke in this post?) Want to know more about our mini-sessions? Click here for more details. Doesn’t he seem so much happier without all the puke? (pukey face)(Pukey puke)

I think thats eight. Also, these are friends so I’m cool with calling their son pukey face. Okay thats nine. And in case you missed it, Mini-session info is here! Peace.