Collin + Emily

Whew, part 2. I’m in a rhyming mood.So both Collin + Emily are TALL. Really Tall. In these shots I was standing on a ledge about 2ft tall. No joke. The Welsteads are a wee little bunch so a ladder will be necessary for their wedding, just two weeks away!

Spotlight? I was completely taken with the texture of this grass in the setting sun…So on our way out of town a bit, we were stopped by a train (see right of image). So we decided we had enough time to get out and take a few shots. Ben stood watch for the caboose. We felt adventurous. 

Now starts my obsession with more homemade filters…

See? Obsession. No photoshop here, promise. 

More filter handsomeness… See why I decided to break this up in two posts? Also, my blog would probably explode from slow page loading. Thank you for being here, for sharing your encouragement. An artist’s life can be somewhat lonely, so your coming back to this blog post after post is a gift. Truly. Peace friends. rw