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Landon + Megan. Well first of all, they laugh. A lot. Its contagious how giddy they are around each other. We started our shoot practically on top of Lincoln.

See the laughing? I love these next two a lot. Theres something about the light. And they have to go together. They wouldn’t look right separated from each other.

And then we played a game…. in an elevator. Much fun and laughing happened. And waiting for other people to get off the elevator.

And then we experienced warmth and light and quiet.And dancing…. they’re taking dance lessons together. I’ve always always wanted to take dance lessons, hint hint.I like happy somewhat burry accidents like this one. Sassiness. Megan is gorgeous.

Another beautifully soft dreamy image. Probably my favorite of the day. The sunset. If I could photograph people at sunset everyday I would.

Landon + Megan, we are FREAKED to photograph your wedding next year! Literally. FREAKED. Happy Tuesday friends.


Derek + Carissa engaged

Derek + Carissa, all the way from Nashville, TN. I think they hold the record for clients with the shortest engagement, they hired me last month and their wedding is in two weeks. Yikes!

I stumbled onto this old house early in the Spring. It appears to be an antique shop, and its jammed packed with stuff. However, theres no way in. There are doors, but no doorknobs. Very mysterious.


Why wouldn’t I take pictures of them next to the hawk-o-awesomness. I thought you would love that.

This next part is hilarious and give some insight into the playfulness and spontaneity of these guys.


Hilarious right?


Friends, your wedding is almost here!

Collin + Emily

Whew, part 2. I’m in a rhyming mood.So both Collin + Emily are TALL. Really Tall. In these shots I was standing on a ledge about 2ft tall. No joke. The Welsteads are a wee little bunch so a ladder will be necessary for their wedding, just two weeks away!

Spotlight? I was completely taken with the texture of this grass in the setting sun…So on our way out of town a bit, we were stopped by a train (see right of image). So we decided we had enough time to get out and take a few shots. Ben stood watch for the caboose. We felt adventurous. 

Now starts my obsession with more homemade filters…

See? Obsession. No photoshop here, promise. 

More filter handsomeness… See why I decided to break this up in two posts? Also, my blog would probably explode from slow page loading. Thank you for being here, for sharing your encouragement. An artist’s life can be somewhat lonely, so your coming back to this blog post after post is a gift. Truly. Peace friends. rw

Ben + Caitlin

We spent the loveliest day every with Ben + Caitlin in Hastings, Nebraska. The sky was the bluest of blue, it was warm but not stifling. There was a breeze, tattoos, and a swing.  And two people hopelessly in love. Happy spins…Sisters. Father + daughter….these two have such a deep and amazing connection. It was inspiring to watch.So happy….Yes. The lighting in this grove inspired me so…Tattoos….For some reason, I love this. I love this light….Part 2 tomorrow!! Peace friends. rw

The Wiebe Family

I started to get to know this clan of crazy kids last year around this time and even though they’ve done some serious growing up, one thing remains the same. ENERGY! Holy cow have these kids have energy and spirit. Energy is not a bad thing. I would rather chase this guy around all day long as long as he’s having fun. Not sure if they were going for ninjas or what. Either way, I like it. Love this black & white.

So perfectly fall….I cannot express enough how much I LOVE this image. I just do. The end.

The Tran family

Despite a few mishaps the morning of this shoot (litter Asher puking everywhere) I think we came up with some pretty great images. Your thoughts? Does this little guy look like he just threw up? I don’t think so either.Okay maybe here you can tell… We decided to walk down to their neighborhood park with the hopes that Asher was feeling better. And we all thought he was….My favorite ANTI-portrait I’ve taken in awhile…Uh okay so this was hilarious. Chris, you are a big fat dork, but also an amazing dad. I love this next series…So at this point Asher starts feeling a bit sick again….See? Hes so serious in this one…So we head back to their house and guess who gets his puke on? Yup, Asher! I think hes laughing here because sometimes it just feels better to get it out. So despite a little vomit, I’m pretty proud of these. To our friends the Trans, we love you a lot, we’re encouraged by your joy, and we feel blessed to be your friends. Here’s to a puke-free summer!


More of the Tran family

Remember Asher? Also known as “I like to puke 5min before a photo shoot”. Obviously its not HIS fault that he puked, but really, at what age can you start controlling that stuff? Just kidding.

I love silhouettes. Especially when the sky is so blue and the sun so brilliant. This is also a great ANTI-Portrait if I do say so myself. So we decided to do a mini-session, ones where Asher doesn’t smell like puke. (Wondering how many times I’m going to say puke in this post?) Want to know more about our mini-sessions? Click here for more details. Doesn’t he seem so much happier without all the puke? (pukey face)(Pukey puke)

I think thats eight. Also, these are friends so I’m cool with calling their son pukey face. Okay thats nine. And in case you missed it, Mini-session info is here! Peace.