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Alison’s Gown: the Design

Holy smokes. I started working on the new collection the other day. Aaand. Ohmigod. I think I need to share a little sneak peek ALREADY. I mean, that would be like no self control AT ALL, but I’m not very good at keeping my own secrets.Anyway, let’s first talk about Alison and her gown before I burst. She came to me with a file full of inspiration photos, and each image was more feminine and romantic than the one before. Just oodles of gowns blowing in the breeze and the lightest, most gorgeous fabrics. Obviously, we needed to do something incredible for this girl.



Fall 2016 Collection: the Inspiration

So now that I’m doing custom work exclusively, I’ve been thinking a lot about what the next collection is going to be. I had originally thought I would do just one showpiece gown each season, but I’ve got way too many ideas in my head, so now it’s going to be a showcase¬†collection. And whooaaa am I excited. There are so many factors that go into designing a collection for retail – you have to consider ease of reproduction, costs, how flattering the style will be on hundreds of women instead of just one – and it’s not easy. It also means a lot of the more envelope-pushing ideas have to be put to the side, because they’re just not doable within those parameters. But designing a collection of showcase gowns?¬†It’s not any of that, and I’m practically out of my mind with ideas. This is some of what’s inspiring me …