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One Year Old!

Today is a huge deal, you guys. Today my sweet little baby girl is one year old. Crazy. I mean, CRAZY. I can hardly remember this time last year – it seems so long ago, and pregnancy is so strange that once your body recovers, it’s really hard to remember what all of that was about even – and then I look at this little tootsie pop and I can’t believe she’s already walking and talking and being a big girl.


She’s becoming a big girl. *tear*But she’s still very much my little baby, and the joy she brings to us is completely unparalleled. It’s so huge and so real – it’s absolute true love.


Poppy’s First Birthday Party

Buuuuut …. It is so impossible to take photos while you’re prepping and then hosting a party. Keith thought I was going overboard when I mentioned getting a photographer, which I understood at the time, but now I’m like …I told you!!

Anyway, most of the pictures are of Poppy having a good time, which was entirely the point of the thing, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. And thank goodness I have amazing friends who snapped some awesome shots for us – otherwise I wouldn’t have anything. But I didn’t get many shots of the decorations. Wah wah. Oh well, guess I’ll have to throw another party.