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The Baird Family

Lovely light. A family that inspires. I was overwhelmed by the love and connection of this family.I’m proud to say that I won over all three of these dear ones, especially the oldest. She loves to read, and we talked and talked about the mystery novels she loves. Reminds me a lot of me when I was her age. The youngest. She did a lot of hiding from me. Little did she know this would turn out to be one of my favorite images of our play time together. Photographer: 1. 3yr old: 0. Ok, she got me there. Mom requested a shot of each child with each parent. It was one of coolest part of our time together. Watching each child’s face as mom or dad told a story about them or recounted a funny baby story was completely amazing. Ha!

I’m not sure mom and dad totally knew what to think of me. I am pretty ridiculous when I’m playing on my photo shoots. Now that I’m a mom, I could see how it could drive another parent crazy to watch their child go extremely nuts in front of the camera (and photographer). But parents, let me tell you a little secret. Its fun for me too. As crazy as it gets, I love it. I love getting to see them almost explode from having too much energy.

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And this one. I have no good reason for including this image except I LOVE IT! I have no idea why. Maybe its just the perfect ANTI-Portrait. Baird family, thank you for letting me into your world for a bit. rw